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onboarding and help

Passive knowledge


Users’ knowledge of the blockchain technology and dApps varies, additional and non-critical information will bore advanced users  and will be in their way. On the other hand, unexperienced users still need guidance and additional information. There is a conflict in providing enough infromation to unexpected users and not too much to push away the advanced users.


Knowledge is not imposed on users, but they are unobtrusively educated at points in the user flow where this is needed. Users do not need to perform additional interaction (e.g. click or iniate chat with the chatbotrobot ) to access additional information, but can receive information passively. The pattern can be used in a mobile or web application.

Connected patterns

Help in context is a connected pattern in terms of providing information at the point where the user might need it. Related patterns for active information retrieval are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Chatbot.


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