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ONboarding and help



A key issue for many users is the knowledge gathering process, which each user has to undergo before they are able to use a blockchain-based service or product properly. The biggest issue here is the accessibility of the information required to learn the basics. It is very difficult for mainstream users to find a starting point, as most of the available information aims at people with advanced knowledge of blockchain technology, software developers or cryptocurrency experts. For someone just getting started, the amount of time and frustration before finding the information and basics they are looking for, can be very painful and might result in them losing interest in the topic.


Gathering common pains and recognizing points of pain of first-time users of dApps. The aim is to create a beginner’s guide
or tool, materializing in the shape of an overarching dApp operating system. Objective of onboarding is to give people the information they need, to increase the knowledge about the technology, its advantages, but also its disadvantages and risks on a broad level. This could even lead to more curiosity amongst individuals and encourage them to try out these services, which would lead to a bigger possible audience for products in this field. Pattern can be used in mobile and web applications.

Passive knowledge, help in context and hints and tips can completely replace onboarding, when the user does not need additional knowledge for basic or initial use of the application (e.g. with the 3Speak application, which is similar to other classic video platforms, the user does not need additional knowledge about technology for initial use of dApp).


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