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Get address via QR code


Account addresses are difficult to read due to the sequence of random alphanumeric characters. Their transfer between devices always involves the risk that any of the characters will be lost and that an irreversible transaction will be sent to the wrong address.


The sender obtains information about the recipient’s account via a QR code. Access is limited to using the mobile device at least on the sender’s side (the party that will execute the funds transaction to recipient – i.e. owner of the account linked to address in question). Scanning a QR code reduces the possibility of errors in transmitting the recipient’s address.

Connected patterns

Copy address with one click is a related pattern that is equally appropriate when the transaction is performed by one person between their accounts (such as the TKN application, where the user adds funds to their account). However it is less suitable when the user sends a copied address to another user in order to receive funds on his account (the expected error is mainly the loss of characters at the beginning or end of the address when repeatedly selecting and copying the address by both parties).


Dapp Analisys, performed in June 2020

Additional example - TKN