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Transaction status


Processing and validating transactions in blockchain takes longer than users exped from their experience with classic applications. The transaction is securely written in the chain only when there are already a few blocks behind it in the chain. The order of block inclusion in the chain depends on the motivation of the miners (their payment which is payment for the transaction). The pattern can be used in a mobile or web application.


Clear and unambiguous presentation of the transactions status. The status of the transaction can be additionaly displayed by a color or with an icon. When communicating the state of transaction it is recommended not to use only colors (i.e. color circles)  because the status message is not completely unambiguous. The status description is more understandable for the user if it also includes a status description (e.g. “in execution”, “completed”, “unsuccessful”). A verbal or visual indicator of the transaction direction (input or output transaction) can be added to the transaction status.

Connected patterns

Progress indicator and message on completion is a related pattern that is tied to one observed transaction, while the Transaction status pattern addresses all transactions in the user’s history.


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