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DIgital wallets

Support for various digital wallets


Setting up a digital wallet represents a major entry barrier when using decentralized applications. Another entry barrier for dApps is the lack of support for different wallets, especially when dApp users can use it on different devices (mobile devices, desktop computer, etc.). Regardless of the user’s choice of digital wallet, it has a great impact on the user experience of the decentralized application.


Providing support and testing the compatibility of dApp with various digital wallets. Users can thus use their existing wallet and have no additional inconvenience with creating a new wallet and no additional cost of transferring cryptocurrencies to the new wallet. The pattern can be used in a mobile or web application.

Connected patterns

A built-in wallet solves the challenge of dApp’s user experience dependance on a digital wallet by removing an external digital wallet provider.


dApp analysis, performed in June 2020

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