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Show more about transaction


Most of the information about the specific transaction on the blockchain is irrelevant to the average user and has no value for him. Users are mainly interested in information about when the transaction was performed, its status and who the recipient and payer are. Other information such as fuel limit, fuel consumption, number of units approved and nons are less important to the average users.


In primary view, users are shown only the basic information about the transactions. A “Show more” button is added to allow users to access more detailed information. The pattern can be used in a mobile or web application, its use is more often present in mobile applications (e.g. Status) due to space constraints.

Connected patterns

View transaction details in Etherscan is a related pattern. Contrary to “Show more” it redirects the user to an external platform, making it less favorable from the point of user retention and promoting the use of the application.


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Additional example - TKN