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digital wallets

Link to wallet download


Users need a digital wallet to use decentralized applications (that is – any dapp that does not have a built-in wallet). The requirement is often not clearly stated and, due to the lack of knowledge and unclear requirements, represents an entry barrier for new users.


If users do not have a digital wallet installed (e.g. MetaMask), they are offered an explanation of what a digital wallet is, why they need it and instructions for setting it up. The pattern can be used in a mobile or web application. For online applications that offer this option, it is necessary to check whether the proposed wallet can be installed on all devices that can access the application (e.g. mobile devices with different operating systems). If a wallet is not available for users device or browser, then the link download link must be hidden or changed to link to a different digital wallet that can be installed on users device.

Connected patterns

Built-in wallet eliminated the need for setting up a digital wallet.


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