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Gradual profile completion


Users lack the motivation to fill in all the data requested in user profile at the entry point of application.


Allow users to start using the app and its core functionalities as soon as possible by demanding only the most essential data at first. Users update the profile gradualy, in accordance with the use of functionalities that require this information. Additional information is required gradualy when it is needed for functionality. Thus, when entering the application, users are not forced to fill in a large number of input fields first, but they can first test the solution and then add the necessary data on the fly. The pattern can be used in a mobile or web application.

Connected patterns

Reusing login information also allows users not to waste time entering their data the first time they use the app.

Upon downloading application, user can start browsing the content without registration as they are signed in with dummy data. If users continue using the app, they can change their profile information at later time.


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